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The Rosalind Section

Although sadly we are no longer allowed to send our children up chimneys or down mines – due to both labour laws and the relative lack of either chimneys or mines in modern Britain – I am pleased to report that they can still be useful in other ways. For example, children basically operate as unadulterated humans. If adults are wine, children are sherry: smaller, more concentrated, and potentially lethal in large doses.

Which is to say that when my daughter is trying to write a story, the process is annoyingly familiar to me. She’ll have an idea. Then she’ll tell me about it. Then she’ll write a couple of sentences. Then she’ll start designing a front cover. Then she’ll tell me how it’s going to be the Best Story Ever and she’ll be a famous writer. By the time she’s finished explaining all about her life as a famous writer, she will have entirely forgotten to finish the story.

So we have come to an agreement. She has been asking for ages if she can have a page on my website. I have finally got round to making one, and on it I have put two recent stories that she’s started and not finished. In return for her page, she has promised she will finish the stories. Well, it might happen.

So here it is: Rosalind’s Page.

(Her name isn’t Rosalind, by the way. I explained about the public nature of websites and we agreed she’d use a pen name, which she is finding quite exciting in itself.)

She's basically a cross between Oliver and the Artful Dodger.


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