Kate’s Kryptic Krossword

Sunday 20th November

The only cryptic crossword I can really do is the Observer Everyman crossword, so that’s what this is based on. But it’s smaller, and easier. If you can do cryptic crosswords at all, this should be a fun half hour at most. But sometimes a fun half hour is all you need.




1) Promise is powerful; I add almost all (9)
6) No gram of mother’s ruin for this head (6)
8 ) Sacred in alcohol years? (4)
9) Knock is a snare without tea (3)
10) Restrain your cash – not a lot (3,4)
11) Exclamation mirrors casual hello (2)
13) Aphid dens are out of the way (6)
16) Spread grime near mess (9)



1) Maybe Huffington Post can create a spare? (7)
2) Meaningful saying (6)
3) Palindromic grandmother (3)
4) Unseen University, gray, gives divine prediction (6)
5) Cross, quick! (6)
7) Launched biro into the dictionary (6)
11) Inside, ensconced, in olden times (4)
12) From an asparagus core, a health club grows (3)
14) Below freezing point nestles a polyphonic enthusiast (3)
15) Catholic organisation loses its enormous book (3)


Answers here


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