If these seems like an eclectic, or more accurately random, collection of links, that’s because the only connection between them is me. All I can say is that a lot of my friends have websites (and bands and blogs and films and important things to say) and those websites are great, and that’s why they’re here.

Books, theatre, TV, music, film, media, games

Politics and society

  • The Bisexual Index: news, views, FAQ and merchandise from the world of bisexuality.
  • Frontline Hackney: A third sector lawyer writes about what makes him mad, sad, and happy to be human.
  • Lisy Babe’s Blog: “Disability, film, TV, disability in film & TV, funny things, politics and lots of me ranting.”
  • Where’s the Benefit: Campaigning against the government’s distressing war on disabled benefit claimants
  • Choler: Politics and society from a socialist perspectiv
  • Race Revolt: “a zine on race politics by feminists and queers”
  • No Homonationalism: “it shouldn’t be just about gay politics, but about social justice.”


And finally: my teeshirt shop.

Please note that if you order a Fausterella teeshirt, you can edit the text to be anything you like, so if you’ve ever had a good teeshirt idea but can’t be bothered to open a shop, here’s your chance to get a one-off.

I should also mention that the Fausterella shirts aren’t designed to be advertising for my blog or anything (it’s not as though I make any money from the blog!), I just like the slogan.



  1. Alan says:

    Could i have a link please? Even I can’t reciprocate (only linking to campaigns, demos etc)?