Ebook Reviews

Here’s the plan. I pick six books from one of the fiction genres in Amazon’s Kindle section, download a free sample chapter from each, and review it.

My criteria:

  • I must not have heard of the author.
  • I pick three books from the first couple of pages (ranked by popularity) and the other three from much further down.
  • I pick books I think I might vaguely like to read.
  • I may favour books that haven’t been rated or reviewed much.
  • I am unaware of whether the books are self-published, traditionally published or something in between.

I will review each sample chapter and rate it using this rating system:

1. My eyes! My eyes!
2. No.
3. Not my type of thing
4. OK.
5. Actually, that’s not bad
6. Yes.
7. Wow.

First set of reviews: Fairy tales



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