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I’m Kate and this is my website. Welcome.

Themed websites are so last month, don’t you think?  This one is probably going to be more like one of those bedrooms where you get piles of paperbacks spilled on top of gold evening dresses next to stacks of vinyl records (but no record player) in front of a cupboard filled with Christmas presents and chocolate and costume jewellery and pink satin knickers.  I should know, I have one of those bedrooms.

The thing is, I’ve never really managed to theme myself successfully for longer than the space of an evening.  Everything keeps bleeding in to everything else, like a five-year-old trying to paint.   At college I used to write newspaper articles like essays and essays like newspaper articles.  I’ve been to goth clubs wearing a black dress, black eyeliner, black lipstick, and pink plastic sandals and a rainbow necklace.  So I’m not going to attempt to come across as anything in particular here (although many of my friends will be surprised to see that this website is designed in a calm grey and black instead of featuring glittery unicorns dancing on a field of luminescent goblins).  Instead I’m going to write about whatever I think is interesting, and I’m going to get my friends to do the same, and we’ll see how we go.  More on that in my introductory blog post.

In the About section you will find details of my writing.  In the Links section you will find… links.  Yes.  And so on.  Other content includes, or will include, book reviews by lizw, music reviews by Troy, and a series of Close Up interviews with people who have interesting aspects to their lives.

In conclusion: hello.

PS. You can contact me, if that appeals, on fausterella AT gmail DOT com.

PPS. I’m katyha on Twitter. I don’t post too much and I try to be reasonably interesting.



  1. Rose Fox says:

    What I can’t find any where is a way to contact you! This seems an oversight.

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