The Almost Art Project

Photos from around my house, of toys left in places by my daughters (aged eight years and 18 months respectively).

But is it art?

bath toys

I think they're planning a conspiracy. My partner thinks they're sacrificing to the Bath Goddess. Maybe it's both.


bath toys b+w

In close up black and white it's even more disturbing


barbie legs

I know I left my knickers somewhere...



barbie lying down

Recumbent Rapunzel (who needs to let her hair grow a bit, or attract some really tall princes)


ken hanging

I think it was the sight of Ken in this situation that started me on this project. My daughter is pleased with the photo because "you can see his bottom!"


ken b and w

Now it's all gone a bit Athena.

lion by chair

The sight of a large furry lion peering at things is a common one in our household. It's a bit disconcerting when you're trying to get dressed.


monkey with doll b and w

Romeo and Juliet, but with a monkey and a doll



Fruity crime scene. "Help, he's been bitten - stay back! Someone call the appley equivalent of 999!"



This is Mr Pineapple, who adopted two grapefuit as his children. We are not allowed to eat him now. But we might anyway when our daughter's not looking because we crave his sweet pineapply flesh.



  1. The Goldfish says:

    This has made me smile so broadly at the end of a difficult day – thank you!

  2. J. Applebee says:

    I love the conspiring bath creatures! And the Pineapple/Grapefruit family made me go “Awww!”

  3. MrsT says:

    This is fabulous, what a brilliant idea… And what wonderful memories you will have to share when your children are older. Hope Barbie found here knickers!

  4. Sharon says:

    These are brilliant!
    The sacrifice/conspiracy ones are my favourites.

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