Hi, I’m Katy. Or Kate. Up to you.

All Lies and Jest

all lies and jest

This is my first novel, published by Ghostwoods Press, which has described it as a “darkly humorous counter-culture thriller”. There are more details about it here, including reviews, and it’s available to buy from Ghostwoods direct as well as from Amazon.

You can buy a print copy from me for £6.50 – email fausterella at gmail dot com – or (imminently) from amazon.com or createspace.

I was interviewed on the Indie Authors’ Forum about All Lies and Jest among other things.

Fausterella and other stories

book cover

Fausterella and other stories on Kindle

and here on Smashwords for all other e- formats

and here on lulu.com as a print book.

There are nine in the collection, of which four have been previously published by ezines/magazines. The title story, Fausterella, is the story of a girl who sells her soul to go to the ball (well, what did you expect?) and the others include the perils of adopting a pet zombie, a village which commits a misguided ritual sacrifice, a puppet shop with a secret, a Yorkshire trip with horrifying consequences, and what happens when your dead relatives just won’t go away.

Cost: $2.99, roughly the price of a large chocolate bar (one of the slightly more upmarket chocolate bars, but not anything really posh). Or £5 plus p&p if you want a print copy – they’re unavoidably more expensive.



My experiments in genderswitching can be found here.


I’m the co-editor of The Ladies Loos: From Plumbing to Plucking – a Practical Guide for Girls, published by The Friday Project.  Available on Amazon.


Short Stories


    • The Soho Puppeteer published in Dark Tales magazine in February 2006 paper edition and also available in e-book form
    • The Stepmother published in *ken again’s Summer 2005 edition
    • They’re Not Dead Until They Stop Talking published in Lenox Avenue‘s September/October 2005 edition.  This story was then translated into Italian and published on an Italian SF website.
    • If You Can’t published by Ookami in September 2005.
    • The Winter Tree published by Shimmer in December 2005, as a special edition Christmas present for their readers.


Upcoming publications

My stories “Goodbye, Dolly” and “Heat and Rust” are included in this upcoming collection, Red Phone Box, which is a series of stories by different writers featuring a red phone box, often sinister and frequently mysterious.

My story “White Reflecting Black” is being published in banQUET Press’s 2012 collection of stories by Australian queer writers. (I’m not Australian, but apparently they don’t mind.)

Upcoming projects include James Eyre, a genderswitched version of Jane Eyre, and my second novel, Love and Zombies. Watch this space, basically. Or better still, go and buy my existing books, then come back and watch this space. Yes, that’s definitely better.



  1. Roland Hulme says:

    “In a country that’s starting to follow the United States into theocracy…”

    Ah. Clearly you’ve never been to New York or San Francisco, then!

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  3. MrBrown says:

    Great stuff. I think it’ll turn out to all be tied into a horrible plot by the Scientologists. Brr, Scientologists. They give me the creeps. Do something about the Scientologists! Go on!

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